2023-05-082 Minutes

Pool balls. Which ones to choose?

Children’s accessories and toys should always be safe and created in such a way as to be able to interest toddlers. Many days of recreation can provide them with a dry pool. When deciding on it, however, parents face an important decision – choosing the right balls to make sure no child gets hurt or sick from using them. So what should I follow when selecting plastic parts?

Above all, safety

Various pool balls are available on the Polish market. There are variants that will provide children with long and safe fun. However, there are also those that can cause potential danger. The main difference between them is that they have the appropriate certificates and approvals. They allow us as a customer to be sure that the item we are buying has been tested and approved for sale. This is extremely important, as any product for use by the youngest should be specifically tailored to their needs.

How do I check if the balls I bought are good?

The specially certified items produced in Poland are usually slightly larger than their counterparts. The native pool balls are about 7 cm in diameter, while the latter measure about 5 cm. Thus, this is a difference that is discernible to the naked eye, although it is always better to use a tape measure in addition to this to be sure. Many manufacturers add balls of unknown origin to their pools. However, they may turn out to have various substances in them, for good reason, which are considered unsafe and not approved for use.

Suitable softness and strength

Good quality dry pool balls should be soft enough and flexible enough to return to their original shape even after more crushing. Their durability is also extremely important. None of the components must be torn, as sharp edges could endanger the safety of children.

It is always worth betting on proven and safe solutions, with the appropriate approvals and high quality material. If you would like to learn more about balls for children, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to share our knowledge.