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Our company specializes in producing colorful pool balls. In our offer you will find plastic balls for children’s pool in more than 100 colors and shades. All our balls have the appropriate certificates and approvals, and the CE symbol is stamped on each ball.

Colorful plastic balls for the pool

Our company produces the highest quality colorful pool balls. We offer variants designed for home dry swimming pools, as well as products with a thicker wall for use in playgrounds, trampoline parks, kindergartens and schools. The wide selection available in our offer will meet the expectations of any, even the most demanding customer. Here you will find plastic pool balls in more than 100 colors and shades. We are also able to create new personalized color options upon request. If you have not found your favorite color in our palette, please contact us, then we will create new colors based on RAL or PANTONE color palette. Dry pool balls for children are packaged according to individual needs, usually in transparent bags, nets, cartons or dedicated packaging. We fulfill orders large and small – whether for companies, wholesalers, chain stores, kindergartens, playgrounds or individual customers.

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Our balls are produced in many colors and different sizes.


The use of plastic balls for dry swimming pool

Our plastic balls for children’s dry pool can also be used in:

  • In parks and entertainment halls,
  • In labyrinths for children,
  • nurseries, kindergartens,
  • gambling halls,
  • rehabilitation points,
  • specialized sensory rooms
  • In trampolines.

The diameter of the balls for the pool is 6 and 7 cm. In our online calculator you can quickly and easily calculate exactly how many pieces you need to fill a given space.

Dry pool balls – the highest quality workmanship

The dry pool balls we produce are durable, safe and quickly regain their shape when squeezed. The material used in their production has all the necessary quality certificates, including those needed for the use of our creations in the food and medical industries. We place the greatest importance in the production of our colorful balls on quality. This is related to the combination of safety and comfort of use that our pool balls offer. Each is checked by an employee for inflation, quality and any damage before packing. We guarantee that each of the available products has an extraordinary depth of color, perfect shape and above-average resistance to crushing and cracking.

In conclusion, our plastic balls for dry pool:

They are certified for quality and comply with all safety standards

Are durable - resistant to abrasion, shock and cracking

They are safe - non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odorless

When squeezed, the balls quickly restore their shape

High quality backed by certificates

Check the quality certificates of our products. Our articles are characterized by high abrasion resistance, safe for health, hypoallergenic and free of any unpleasant odors.


When producing plastic pool balls, the manufacturer should ensure that the goods are made of high-quality materials. As a manufacturing company engaged in the production of plastic pool balls, we focus not only on the production of goods, but also on the highest quality.

We also make sure to provide friendly and efficient customer service. We are constantly working to develop and improve our unique and innovative manufacturing processes related to colorful dry pool balls. We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction, so we strive to keep developing and discovering new materials and procedures so that we can stand out from the competition.

We believe that this commitment will enable us to meet the competitive demands of a constantly evolving market. For those planning to purchase colorful dry pool balls, we encourage you to contact our company by phone or email to discuss delivery details.

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All our products are made of certified plastics.