We supply high quality products made of plastics

Many years of experience have allowed us to strike a balance between quality and final price, which is why we cooperate with recognized brands all over the world.

Initially, our company focused on items from the toy industry, but now we are able to produce almost any item that can be made on our machines.


We use only Polish products and dyes.


We have all the necessary approvals and certificates of conformity.


Despite processing plastics, our company generates minimal waste.


Produced balls

The pool balls are available in two sizes 6 and 7 cm.


Available colors

The colors can be freely combined with each other and each is safe for health. We are able to create any color from the RAL and PANTONE color palette.


Countries around the World

We operate internationally. We make shipments on a daily basis.

Get to know the people you will be working with.

Lukasz Nejmanski, CEO

Patrick Bielecki, CEO

We supply products to chain stores, wholesalers, manufacturers and individual customers. We operate both in the Polish and foreign markets, guaranteeing our contractors timely deliveries, ongoing support and comprehensive service.