Everplast's production capabilities - plastics processing

The smallest details, form an integral, solid whole. Therefore, as part of our company’s activities, we pay the utmost attention to the smallest details of the projects we carry out. What sets us apart is our reliability in action, as well as our huge production capacity. This is all thanks to the experience of our team, as well as modern machines, serving us in the production of bottles, canisters and numerous other forms (buoys, pushers, watering cans and others). As part of Everplast’s business, we are also involved in creating plastic balls for the dry pool.


We manufacture the smallest plastic details

We are not limited by shape, we are able to make any design commissioned by the customer. We make sure that each item is made with the utmost accuracy. We treat every task assigned to us as a challenge, allowing us to improve our skills. The team that is working on the project has many years of experience in the production of plastic details, as well as a great deal of knowledge in this field. That's why it's a good idea to outsource the production of various plastic parts to Everplast.


Modern machinery for creating plastic details

We use such modern equipment as bottle-extruders and injection molding machines for production. Their operation involves blowing and injecting the plastic so that the final product gets a certain shape. Thanks to this method, it is possible to create products made of plastic, in which every little detail has been taken care of.


We personalize your orders

Our company offers tampo printing services for companies that are looking for an effective and precise method of printing on their products. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are able to do tampo printing on various surfaces, including curved ones.</p>
<p>We are able to handle both small and large orders, making us flexible and adaptable to our customers' needs. Trust us and increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign with products that stand out in the market.

What can we perform as part of Everplast's operations?

Among others, plastic children’s toys, the dry pool balls already mentioned here, bottles, canisters, watering cans, bidons, wheels, pushers, closures, lids, caps, corks, caps, and even more products. As you can see, we have unlimited production capabilities, we are able to produce any project that the customer orders. When making certain products, we take care of every detail while ensuring your satisfaction with our services. So we invite you to work with us – the experienced team of Everplast.