2023-06-023 Minutes

Plastic bowling pins

When raising your offspring, it is worth providing activities that will help them develop properly, taking care of eye-hand coordination and attention. One of the toys that will make this possible are plastic bowling pins for children, available both individually and wholesale. As their manufacturer, we always keep in mind the safety of the kids playing, eliminating sharp edges and allowing for an enjoyable time for all ages. The pieces we produce correspond in shape to their real counterpart, reduced only to a height of 24 cm.

Selling in convenient sets, individually or in bulk

Manufactured and sold by us both wholesale and retail children’s toy bowling is also an excellent solution for all kinds of birthday parties, as toddlers can play together, providing interesting and safe entertainment. Thanks to the fact that they are available in a full range of colors, as well as individually or in sets of 9 pieces, each child will be able to find the plastic pieces whose colors they like best. It is possible to create your own selection of skittles to choose only those that are sure to interest the youngest.

Plastic toys and in and out of the home

The high weight of the individual parts of the set allows you to play both at home and outdoors. All you have to do is find a strip of relatively smooth ground and arrange the pieces into a child-facing triangle, and you can start the tournament. Among other things, this simplicity makes it worth choosing the toy bowling we produce. Wholesale and retail sales make us an excellent source of this plastic game for both parents and smaller or larger stores.

Production for entertainment and smiles

With a variety of colors and the ability to play both individually and in a group, we can ensure that your child will like our plastic toy bowling pins. As their manufacturer, we always want to bring a smile to the face of every child. We believe that every bulk cargo sold or even a single set or component helps us achieve this.

The set consists of 9 skittles + 2 balls with a diameter of 8 cm.

Technical data:

  • Height: 24 cm;
  • Weight: 60 grams;