2022-03-255 Minutes

How to create a homemade ball pool for a child?

Until recently, we would not have been able to find such a wide selection of diverse, colorful toys on the Polish market. Manufacturers of various types of children’s amusements are outdoing themselves to convince their customers to buy not necessarily safe creations. When choosing a dry ball pool, it is worth checking first if it is sufficiently protected so that the kids do not get hurt.

Filling the dry pool

The most important part of dry pools are the balls used to fill them. They require a specific certificate that will certify that the balls are approved for contact with children. The need for a specific document is due to the fact that products without it do not have a proven chemical composition. So there is a risk that the child may be poisoned. Lack of certification is a very common problem, occurring primarily with cheaper toys, often imported from China.

Some elements are not safe

Soft, plastic and hollow pieces without approval can be extremely easy to crush, tear or even bite through. A small child can easily damage the balls while playing by squeezing them in his hand or taking them into his mouth. Balls without an attestation then do not provide a full guarantee of safety. The buyer cannot be sure that the pool filling does not have harmful, oxidizing substances and that it will not cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, do not equip yourself with untested products, as using them can sometimes pose serious risks.

How to recognize high-quality balls?

Good quality, approved dry pool balls just like their cheaper counterparts, are characterized by the fact that they can be easily crushed. The advantage of the former, however, is that they quickly regain their original shape. To ensure the best quality, each item should be checked at the production stage to reach customers in the perfect shape and color. Unfortunately, there is no way to identify the balls at a glance. Usually, however, the cheaper balls are slightly smaller than the certified ones. Leading Polish manufacturers usually produce 7 cm diameter pieces.

Sponge or foam to fill the walls

To make sure that the dry pool is completely safe, it should be made of durable and soft material that will not endanger your child in any way. An excellent material for this purpose is upholstery foam. As with bullets, it too should be subject to detailed verification. Poor-quality foam can begin to cause problems after just a year, starting to crumble and disintegrate. Unfortunately, as the quality of the sponge increases, so does its price. However, it is worth investing a little more to provide your child with a safe and durable toy for several years.

Sufficient thickness and softness of the bottom

The performance of the bottom of the pool itself is also important. Adequate thickness of the floor will preserve the strength and softness of the entire set. Most commercially available products have a sponge bottom of about 2 cm thick. Sometimes, however, this may not be enough. Children grow, and as they get older, their weight also increases. In order for them to want to spend time in the dry pool even after several years, not only the balls should be durable and difficult to destroy. Suitable softness and durability of the bottom can be provided by foam with a thickness of more than 3 cm.

Comfortable and well-placed handles

Almost every toy in a child’s room finds its place for a maximum of a few hours. Individual elements often “drift,” causing them to hit different angles. Dry pools are no different. Their lightweight design allows for easy movement, even when they are filled to the brim with balls. Therefore, it is worth equipping your copy with convenient handles, which will make it easier to put it back in the designated place.

Safety first

Before buying a ball pool, always check the materials used to make it. However, if they do not have the appropriate approvals, we suggest looking further afield. Every manufacturer should be ready to show them to reassure its customers of the superior quality of the product. Remember that your child’s safety should always come first.