2023-05-082 Minutes

Custom products from Everplast

We invite you to work with the Everplast team. We take care to create all kinds of customized products. We are not limited to creating balls for dry pools. Using, among other things, bottle-extruders, we can make a wide variety of plastic parts. As part of our activities, we pay attention to every detail, even the smallest detail of project implementation. We pay attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality workmanship of individual plastic products.

What do we produce at Everplast?

Thanks to bottle-extruding machines, operating on the principle of blowing, we are able to make, among other things, bottles, canisters, and plastic containers with capacities from 100 ml to 5 L. We are not limited by shape, we can realize a project with the most abstract form at the request of our customer. In addition, we produce:

  • buoys,
  • pushers,
  • watering cans,
  • The already mentioned dry pool balls,
  • bidons,
  • wheels,
  • water eggs,
  • and many more products.

Customer satisfaction is most important to us

Do you want to order modern solutions from our company? As part of our offer, we are able to make any article. We produce hollow articles out of plastic. For example, toys that are fully safe for children. We also make numerous plastic containers and packaging for companies – they are available in various shapes, as well as a wide range of capacities (from 100 ml all the way up to 5 L). We take an individual approach to each order, providing solid yet visually appealing products.

Reliable workmanship – aesthetics, functionality and reliability

These three words perfectly describe the products we make as part of Everplast’s business. We believe that both the functionality and aesthetics of the execution of individual projects are important. What’s more, we strictly adhere to the design, so the customer receives a product made 100% according to his own vision. Thus, we ensure satisfaction at the highest level. We encourage you to contact and cooperate with the experienced Everplast team now.